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16 Jun 2015

Six exercise that grant you healthy living


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Exercise is simply the movement of our body for us to have  elimination of accumulated waste or toxic in our body, running, walking, weight lifting etc
Six types of exercise that are beneficial to your good health.

1, Slow rhythmic movement exercise:this is mainly walking.the body is designed to walk, for long distance and for long periods of time.walking is probably the most important form of exercise you can do, and healthiest compared to driving.when you drive a car your stress levels go up dramatically, which means your body becomes acidic.When you go for a walk , not only are you getting the benefits of the exercise of the slow rhythmic movement, your lymph system is getting toxic out of your body , the body is moving and flowing beautifully the energy is flowing through the meridians and you are grounding your feet on the earth allowing for the earth's magnetic energy to flow through your body, your energizing your also has a great effect on your state of mind and happiness factor.the lack of walking causes the body's elimination channels to become slow .

2, Stretching: your body consists of muscles, tendons and ligaments.if you lived in natural setting, the natural activities you would be doing throughout your day would cause the frequent stretching of your ligaments, muscles and tendons.
Lack of flexibility allows for negative energy and toxins to accumulate in various parts of your body allowing toxicity to build up.
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3, Resistance exercise: this includes any form of movement where resistance is put against a muscle, and the muscle is required to push or pull against the resistance.the most common form of resistance exerci
se is weight lifting.
Note Weight exercise can increase the size and strength of muscles, reshaping your body and making you look great.however it generally only works with the muscles that are seen and does not address the majority of muscles that have no aesthetic doesn't address the strength of ligaments and tendons.this can create an imbalance where some muscles are strong and abnormally large and other muscles, ligaments and tendons are weak and disproportionate in size.weight exercise doesn't increase flexibility other actually reduces flexibility

4, Aerobic exercise: Aerobic means with air, any form of exercise where you are breathing heavily but can still have a conversation is aerobic stimulates blood flow throughout the body , oxygenates the body and speed the elimination of toxins.

5,  Anaerobic exercise: anaerobic means with out air, any form of exercise where are breathing so hard  you can barely talk is anaerobic.the benefits are generally a tremendous stimulation of your entire system because you are putting the survival of every cell in your body at risk because of lack of oxygen.this is very helpful in reprogramming the body, and allowing the body to increase it's elimination of toxins and stop any cellular activity that was abnormal.

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6, Postures exercise:There are certain exercise regimes where you are into postures that held for a period of time.the most commonly known is Yoga.the benefits of postures are that they help open up the natural energy channels in the body , and stimulate internal organs.

                       The major benefits of Exercise.

 1, Increase oxygen to the cells.Oxygen is needed for life, most people are deficient in the amount of oxygen they have throughout their bodies.viruses and cancer for example can't exist in an oxygen rich oxygen rich body is an alkaline alkaline body is a body where disease and illness cannot exist.

2 Movement of lymph fluid. The lymphatic system is an important element in elimination process .majority of people have a lymphatic system that is dangerously to our health.moving the body as it was intended increases the movement of lymph fluid through the body assisting with the elimination of toxins.

3 Cell stimulation.Every cell in the body produces toxic waste .every cell in the body needs stimulation in order for the toxic waste to be eliminated.every cell in the body needs stimulation to remain healthy and thrive in normal way.if a cell does not eliminate toxic waste it produces and does not receive can begin to act in an abnormal way , cell could degenerate and die causing tumors, cancer

4 Releasing of  Tension and Stress.Stress is a silent killer.stress can be defined in many simplistic terms, stress is holding on to negative energy.when negative energy is being held , it can lodge itself into various part of the body , this can cause muscles to be tight and the body to become acidic.exercise breaks up this stress and tension.

5 Opening of Energy Channels.Energy flows through our body .just like blood flows through the vains.electromagnetic energy flows through channels in our body when these channels are blocked or congested energy does not flow efficiently .This energy gives life and vitality to the cells without it the cells do not receive what is needed causing abnormalities, suppression of ten immune system and turning the body acidic making it susceptible to illness.

    I hope you have learnt some important things from this my article, practice them so that your body system will always be alkaline , because in alkaline body  diseases and illnesses can't exist as their exist in acidic body, and always supplements your food .For your good supplements for healthy living please call on me because I have all natural supplements that our body need  for our good healthy lifestyle.You can reach me on Via email Or Whatsapp +233233668275

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