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13 Apr 2015


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Hypertension is a condition where blood pressure(BP)is elevated to an extent that it is not beneficial to lower the blood pressure to prevent end-organ damage.
Increased BP is mostly due to an increase in TPR due to construction of small arterioles or an increase in blood volume.
•90-95% of cases are termed"Essential"Hypertension whilst 5-10% are"Secondary"to some other diseases or contributing factors such as.
1,Renal disease
2,Drugs (NSAIDS),excessive salt and alcohol intake
4,Diet (fatty /salty foods)
    Contributing factors.

•Lifestyle (smoking, fatty/salty foods,alcohol,lack of exercise).
• Sex ( more male than female)
• Genetics.

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An elevated BP can leads to complications such as.

•Heart Failure.
Kidney Failure.

                                                              Special Groups

•People of African Caribbean origin have a higher risk of HPT,Stroke and Renal failure.
• Caucasian increase prevalence of HPT associated with Diabetes.
•Elderly :these form the group with the highest risk of High BP.
• Diabetics :HPT in this group usually indicates diabetic nephropathy.

HPT it self has no Symptoms but headache may be present.
Discovering HPT is usually Incidental.
*During routine check-ups
*Upon presenting @ the hospital for another condition/compliant
*When a patient suffers from a HPT related condition such as stroke.

Hypertensions Effects

  Point of Intervention.

• >190/110mmHg: immediate action taken if confirmed with several readings on same occasion.
• 150/100-189/109mmHg; observe over several weeks,then treat if BP persist at this this level.
• 130/90-149/99mmHg; observe annually unless having other risk factors such as Diabetes or End-Organ Damage.
• 125/85-129/89mmHg; reassess annually.
• 120/80mmHg;Optimum reassess every 2 to 5 years.
Non-Pharmacological Intervention

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Avoiding excess salt and alcohol(water retention)
• Salt Restriction: more effective in elderly and those with initial high BP
• Reduction in weight.
• Increase intake of natural supplements/fruits & vegetables.
• Increase Potassium Intake :potassium is protective by counter-balancing the effects of sodium found in (bananas, plantain, mushrooms, kontomire,and baked beans).
• Reduce Alcohol Intake: alcohol intake (>30unite/week)has been linked to HPT
A large amount of alcohol in the evening will Significantly raise BP the next day.

   Drugs For Management
(which I wiil not recommend for you if you know what they can do to your Health)

• Diuretic: reduce circulatory blood volume.Eg bendroflumethiazide.

Beta-Blockers: help to reduce cardiac output.Eg atenolol

• Calcium Channel Blockers:work by relaxing the walls of blood vessels(arterioles) Eg nifedipine.

• Lipid lowering drugs Eg Rosuvastatin.

  Their Side Effects.

 •Diuretics:gout,hyperlidaemia(increased cholesterol) dehydration, impotence.

•Calcium channel blockers:facial flushing,occipital headache, oedema.

• Beta-blockers:tiredness, cold extremities, impotence.

• Lipid drugs: dizziness, effects of muscles, rash abdominal pains

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