7 Mar 2016


Infertility can be define  as inability to get pregnant,after series of unprotected sex for at least one year. 

Husband & Wife Worried About Infertility Problem

To be fertile,a woman's ovary must  be able to produce ovum.This ovum must pass through the Fallopian tube to be fertilized  by a male sperm.the fertilized ovum then gets embedded on the wall of the uterus.
For a man ,he must be able to produce enough viable sperm.the sperm must be delivered in a woman's vagina where they travel into the the uterus to fertilize the ovum.

I generally i advise that sexual intercourse be performed 48 hours befour or 15 hours after ovulation.This is because following ejaculation into the vagina,the sperm lives for about 48 hours while the ovum remains fertile for just 10 to 15 hours ,as we know Ovulation is the release of the ovum and it takes place 14 days befour the next menstrual period in a woman with normal 28 days menstrual cycle.

The Causes Of Infertility in Both Male And Female
  • Blocked tubes
  • Problem within the uterus e.g fibroid

Risk Factors Are 
Obesity,Poor Diet,Drugs,Alcohol,Stress,STD,Health Problems,Smoking,Aging

   The Infertility Solution

Their are two or more treatment for infertility that you can talk of ,but what i will tell you here is the one that have been used ,tested and confirm with great testimonies....

My infertility Solution is DIET CONTROL.are you aware that our human body is equipped with auto-regulatory and auto-repair mechanisms.when the appropriate nutrients are taken the body repairs itself and regulates it's activities.
someone may say that am eating well but still have this challenge,my answer to you is capital no that your not eaten well,because more than 80% off nutrient from the food we eat have been destroyed  by our farmer agricultural method and chemicalized preservations and additives

My Natural Organic supplement that will balance your hormonal system and re-generate your cells activities are NECTAR,MULTI-MACA,ROYAL-JELLY,ABETACARE,ARCTICE SEA OMEGA3,ARGI+  .These are my tested package for infertility Solution....

NOTE: If you have tested befour and the test said that the problem is hormonal inbalance,poor ejaculation,lack of libido,poor erection,fibriod,low sperm count your problems is over, But please if it's blocked Tube am sorry my package will not help...

The Good news is that you can  get this my wonderful infertility solution package any where you are around the world....

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