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18 Apr 2015

What you need to know about free Radicals

What is free Radicals?

 Free Radicals are highly reactive substances that combine with other molecules in the body in a destructive fashion.

Free Radicals

Target of free Radicals are the fats (lipids) that make up our cell walls
Free Radicals can cause these.
1,Mental illness
2,Immunity and Infections.
4,Heart Disease.
5,Blood Pressure.
8,Rheumatoid Arthritis and many more.

      Free Radicals may be activated by the fellowing.

• Breathing Cigarette smoke.
• Radiation.
• Air Pollution.
• Herbicides.
• Artificial Flavourings.
• Chlorine.
• Toxic.
       "By taking anti-oxidant vitamins we increase our immunity"
  Anti-oxidants act as a scavenging system

  Here are some of most powerful anti-oxidants that I wil recommend for you.
•  Beta Carotene.
•  Vitamin E.
•  Copper.
•  Manganese.
•  Absorbent-C.
•  Selenium.
•  Zinc.
•  Garlic.
•  Liquorice.
Liquorice is one of the most strongest anti-oxidant yet discovered.
Benefits of Liquorice.
Joint mobility.
• Treating the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
• Nourishes liver and kidney.
• Circulation.
• Inflammatory Conditions.
Absorbent-C is Vitamin C + Oat Bran which make the vitamin C to retain more in our body.
Benefits of Absorbent-C.
• Natural anti-histamine.
• Produces Collagen for skin and bone.
• Balances pulse rate and blood pressure.
• Growth and Repair body Tissue.
Boost immune system.
• Flights Bacteria, viral infections.
Beta carotene is a very good source of vitamin A and E.it supplies vitamin A as a precursor, so the body converts it to vitamin A in the intestine when needed.
Benefits of Beta Carotene
• Sight.
• Skin.
• Fertility.
Note: Deficiencies of Vitamin A and E may cause Night Blindness, Dryness of the eyes,Poor circulation, Ageing of the Skin etc.

As you have learnt today that Free Radicals are one of the needing causes illnesses today, please do your possible best to take enough Anti-oxidants to stop the effects of free Radicals.
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