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15 Dec 2014

Foods and it's functions

Food is a the raw material the body uses for growth and maintenance.a balanced diet is a major factor in our heathy living today.for our body organs to function effectively, the body's nutritional requirements must be adequately met on daily basis.


CLassification of food   

 we have about 7 classes of food, carbohydrates, proteins and fats belong to a group we call macronutrients, while vitamins and minerals are referred to as micronutrients.carbohydrates are used by the body for energy while proteins are for tissue growth and repair.fats supply energy, it supports some organs and helps to absorb some vitamins(vitamin A, D, E & K).
 The body also requires the supply of dietary fibre which is the indigestible part of plant foods.they are called roughages are good for cleaning the gastrointestinal tract and promote cardiovascular health.

 1, CARBOHYDRATES:these are energy giving food and there are in three forms·
 ■ Polysaccharide:there are complex class of carbohydrates, starch & glycogen·
 ■ Disaccharide: these are classes of sugar, e.g. maltose, sucrose, lactose.
 ■ Monosaccharide: these are simplest form of carbohydrate.e.g. glucose, dextrose.

 2,PROTEINS: proteins are numerous complex molecules made of amino-acids.these are the fundamental components that are essential for all body processes, growth, repair, and production of enzymes, hormones, antibody and blood formation.proteinsconsists of 22 amino-acids, 8 essentials and 14 non-essentials.the 8 essential amino-acids the body can neither manufacture nor store and it must be taken daily.proteins from animals are classify as first class proteins, while proteins from plants are classify as second class proteins.

 3, FATS: fats are broken down into fatty acids for body to utilize.we have animal fats and vegetable fats.fats helps in production of chemical and heat energy, transports and storage of soluble vitamins etc.

 4, VITAMINS: vitamins are organic substances called micronutrients.the body requires them daily for all body biochemical processes.most of them are found in vegetabls and fruits.we have two types of vitamins fat soluble and water soluble
 ■ Fat soluble Vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E & K) and the best time to take them is befour meals.
 ■ Water soluble Vitamins(vitamin B complex group B1, B2, B3, B5 and B12) and the best time to take them is during or after meals.

 5, MINERALS: minerals are inorganic substances necessary for body functional processes especially in transmission of nerve impulses.they form about 4% of body weight, they are required by all body cells and they can neither be manufactured nor stored by body.most of the minerals are found in vegetables and fruits, e.g. calcium, iron, sodium, potassium , zinc etc.

 6, ROUGHAGES: these are indigestible part of the food we eat, they stimulate peristalsis and aid easy defecation.they are like sponge the body use to wash the gastro intestinal system.

 7, WATER : water in the liquid part of our food, it provides moist environment for body forms about 70% of body weight, water is needed daily to run the body machinery smoothly and efficiently at all times.water is the best anti -oxidant .taking water regularly early in the morning on empty stomach has been found to improve healthy living greatly.l hope that you learnt something from me today, and note always take water for your good healthy living.always remember that your good health determined by what you eat and what you drink.

my quetion to you is are you getting these nutrints from what your eating?

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