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24 Dec 2014


GOITER is an enlargement or swelling of the thyroid gland.the thyroid gland is situated in front of the neck.it produces some hormones of which are thyroxin (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).iodine and tyrosine are the two ingredients needed to manufacture the hormones .

Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid while iodine is essential and therefore must be consumed daily in our food and water.
 the hormones( T4) and (T3) stimulate body metabolic processes for promoting growth and development.
 of goiter

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Causesof goiter.

 1, iodine deficiency is the major cause of goiter.
 2, autoimmune disease in developed countries.
 3, nodules single or multiple.
 4, smoking thiocyanate in tobacco smoke interferes with iodine consumption.
 5, hormonal changes pregnancy, menopause can affect the thyroid.
 6, overconsumption of iodine:too much iodine can cause loiter just as too little does.

 Note:goiter is mediated by thyroid stimulating hormone whenever the blood concentration of thyroxin decreases regardless of the cause.this means that goiter may be associated with either under-activity or over-activity of the gland.due to dietary deficiencies heredity, pregnancy and diseases are inducing factors because they reduce thyroxin release into the blood
Underactivity:result when there is deficiency of iodine in diets it's characterised by low body activities such as low temperature, low heart rate , slow speech and thought processes as well as slow movements.
 2,Overactivity (hyperthyroidism):result when there is over stimulation of thyroid gland by the controlling hormones.it results in over activities of body functions, including irritability, nervousness and restlessness.
 under and reactivity of the thyroid gland causes enlargement.when the supply of iodine is deficient, excess stimulating hormone is secreted and there is proliferation of thyroid gland  cells (tissues), resulting in enlargement of the gland.
Goiter(Thyroid Gland and Enlarged Thyroid Gland)

                                                           Fats on Goiter.

 1, Goiter is an enlargement thyroid gland  which is located in the neck.
 2, iodine deficiency is the world's leading cause of goiter.
 3, autoimmunity in which the body attracts itself causes over or underactivity thyroid both of which lead to swelling.
 Goiter can be prevented or corrected by the introduction of more iodine in our diet.I can recommend a products that has help many people around the globe which help to balance the body chemistry and supply enough iodine.onec the chemistry is balanced the body will adjust itself..

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