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27 Nov 2017


Am a lawyer with 17 years banking experience, am a forever Sapphire Eagle ,My Name is Cynthia Ucheaguwa.Tells us how forever Business is a place to Soar.
                                              What was life before forever?

I love my job as a banker but despite the good salary, the crazy targets were highly overwhelming. I wanted extra income outside being a bank manager .l had a quest to find a side business. I tried buying and selling of ladies apparel, but didn't go well because it wasn't intellectually challenging and debt rate was high .I was restless, I was climbing the banking ladder yet I was unfulfilled. I had no time freedom.

                                            How did you discover forever living business?

A friend had invited me to her house far back in 2002 for a lunch party .l left immediately I discovered it was a networking party .fast forward 2011 I saw a group of forever partners in airport, upon enquiry I was told they were going on an all expenses paid trip.that was mind boggling . I travel a lot but at high individual expense .l become curious as to how one can travel free and my curiosity led me to the office of the best Networking Coach I had ever met late Dr Maria Idigo( forever Diamond) who mentored me on the business.  Read : Vitolize For women

                           What Activities did you put in place to help develop your business.

Cynthia Ucheaguwa
I started early to invest in personal development. Reading Networking books and attending training's locally and internationally .Forever was my part time Business for 3 years.After my day job during the week,I became a weekend warrior doing my home presentation, one -ones and hotel meeting .when you are excited about what you have discovered you will be eager to show others .Also forever opened my eyes to see that I could achieve my lifetime long term's also a business that success depends on ability to touch lives .it therefore was a pleasant joy for me to teach and hand hold my team members to achieve their own goals. From sitting room presentation, my team grew and expanded thereby developing strong leaders today who are equally duplicating by teaching and training their own team members.
                     What do you love most about being a forever business owner(FBO).

Freedom: I never had  freedom, it was like my life belonged to the Bank .They practically mortgaged my freedom. I worked so hard on my job for 17 years and barely had time for so many other things .Today I am  a better wife ,mum,friend and a better much me .The ability to work at my own time yet make much more income than I was earning in the Bank .The privilege to travel to exotic locations at no personal cost ,the joy of partnering and working with people with no negative competitions .the goals I have achieved through forever and the huge dreams I have hope of meeting via forever ,the lives touched and the legacy I'm building from this business. There are so many things I love about being a forever business owner (FBO). The list is indeed endless. But the Forever Free Travel has no comprising   Read : Fertility Detox Remedy
Forever Free Travel
                  What key advice would you give anyone aspiring to be an Eagle like you.

Dream Big ,Your WHY factor has to be propelling. Work on your attitude. Attitude is the key in this business. It can make or mar you .Be willing to work the extra mile .Hard work never kills .Extend a warm hand to that neighbour ,friend, colleague and even strangers .Show them the business and teach them all you know about the business. Establish that confidence in the business and offer a reliable structure with integrity to your prospects .
Work ,learn,pray,learn,believe and keep learning. There you go ,you have made Eagle...

For those who has not join forever business already ,just contact me ,You are assure of Healthy lifestyle,Freedom, Health,Wealth and beauty etc...

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