6 Mar 2017


Indulge yourself with our exclusive Aloe Vera Body Toning kits. This home treatment is designed to tone, firm, and moisturize your body for that fresh, spa-like feeling.
Aloe Body Toner Kit
Body toning can provide amazing benefits when performed correctly. The wrapping procedure may be used two or three time per week.. 

  The Aloe Body toning kits content. 
Aloe body toner, Aloe body Conditioning Creme, Aloe Bath Gelee, loofah and plastic wrap.

                               How to use my Aloe Body Toning kits 
     Watch the Video first on how to use Aloe body Toning Kits below....

Step 1. Cleanse with Aloe bath Gelee and loofah.
Experience an Aloe bath Gelee luxury cleanse, exfoliate, revitalize, massage, enrich, and relax with our exclusive Aloe Bath Gelee and loofah. Apply Aloe bath Gelee to loofah and work into a rich lather by massaging the skin in a gentle motion rinse. Use daily to give skin a soft smooth glow... 

Step 2. Mark and Measure.
You may want to keep a record of your measurements to track inch loss. Prior to the toning process, lay a tape measure flat against your skin and Mark your skin above and below the measuring tape with a permanent felt tip pen. The mark are a guide to assist you in measuring accurately. Once the toning process is complete,measure again placing the tape measure between the marks....

Step 3.Apply Aloe Body Toner.
Test a small patch of skin for allergic reaction prior to application of the Aloe body toner. if after 24 hours no redness or itching occurs,  then smooth liberally over the area you wish to tone. The Aloe body toner has a warming and stimulating effect on our skin, Note more toner can be applied to increase the effects. 

Step 4. Apply Plastic wrap
Wrap the plastic wrap around the areas where Toner has been applied. Please do not wrap face, neck, chest, shoulders, forearms calves or genital. For your safety, the Aloe body toning kits is only for use on the upper arms, abdomen and thighs. A second layer of plastic wrap may be applied if desired.
While in relaxed position, leave the wrap in place for approximately one hour. Do not engage in any strenuous physical activity and do not fall asleep. After one hour use blunt tip scissors, remove and discard the used plastic wrap. Measure again, placing the tape measure between the marks. Subtract the total from the original measurements. The difference represents your overall inch loss... 

Aloe Body Toning Kit befour and After
Aloe body conditioning creme.
Between body wraps liberally apply Aloe body conditioning creme to the entire body for smooth, glowing skin. Aloe body conditioning creme is the ideal partner to aloe body toner for keeping your body feeling smooth and supple. So let your body thank you for giving it Aloe toning kits... 

Warning :Do not use Toning kit if you are pregnant or have had recent surgery like one year ,Avoid contact with eyes, Do not apply to face, breast or genital areas, Do not apply to irritated or newly shave skin. Wash your hands immediately following application.

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