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3 Jan 2015



We all love fruits, those healthy natural deposits of vitamins, water, nutrients and other useful many cultures it is traditional to eat fresh fruits for a dessert after ever not many people are aware about the fact that eating fruits at the end of lunches or dinners can be quiet harmful.

Specialists suggest being careful on this point and following some easy rules, which can help us to rip maximum benefits from eating fruits.
  1.  Do not eat fruits after meals: it usually take about 20minutes for fruits to digests and move to the small intestines where further absorption of the nutrients occurs.however when we eat fruits after other meals, especially the ones with a high content of proteins or starch which usually take much longer to digest, the fruits get blocked in our stomach and start fermenting or even getting such case no positive nutritional effects will be received.instead the meal will not be digested completely, the fruits will get broken right in our stomach and our digestion system will be affected and upset .
  2.  Do not eat fruits together with other meals: the same effect will take place in the stomach, when the fruits are mixed with other meal.toxic effectsof rotten fruits in your stomach can cause great discomfort and even serious diseases for example, eating kiwis, cherries or berries together with meat, potatoes or other foods containinglots of proteins, starch and fats, can cause various problems with digestion, colitis, diarrhea send even pains in the liver
3, Make a habit of eating fruits on an empty stomach:this habit will do more good to your health.your stomach and digestive system will not have to use additional mechanisms to balance the process of digestion.remember it is very good to eat fruits after doing physical exercise or any sort of outdoor activities.
 The best time for eating fruits .
 in the morning 20-30 minutes before having breakfast.
 in the afternoon 3-4 hours after lunch.
 before the bedtime 3-4 hours after having your dinner..
Note fruits are very important in our health, consuming a lots of fruits will put you on a healthy body but the fruits must be free from fertilisers because it causes more harm to the body..for fertilizer free fruits that can give you all your body needs to be in a good natural healthy health just let me know I will arrange it for you....

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