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22 Jan 2015

3 Simple Ways To grow Hair loss

               3 Simple Natural ways Treatments For Hair Growth.

Forever Aloe Vera Juice
      1, Forever Aloe Vera.(barbadensis)
 This magical medicinal plant is nothing short of nature's miracle.aloe Vera has varied benefits for hair, besides being a conditioning agent that helps eliminating dandruff, it also helps in hair growth.

 ■  Drinking aloe Vera juice, half an hour before each meal, can massively improve in your hair growth

■  You can also massage your scalp with forever aloe jelly.it anti-fungal and anti- bacterial properties prevent any sort of infection that hinder the hair growth process.
Aloe Vera Jelly

2  Forever jojoba shampoo.

aloe jojoba shampoo
  Jojoba oil is a liquid wax ester that acts as a stimulator and prevents dryness.these properties of the oil prevent your hair from becoming too brittle.when your is stronger and less brittle, it automatically prevents hair loss.it also cleanses the pores giving space and allowing new hair stands to grow.for best results , apply jojoba and leave it overnight,wash off your hair normally the next morning.

3  Forever aloe dietary recommendation

  All the products discussed so far were topical.it's however very important to watch your diet for hair growth.eating right and healthy will not only help in improving the quality of your hair but will also promote hair growth especially keratin.

 ■  include lots of protein and vitamin based foods in your diet.

 ■  make sure eat foods like cottage cheese, tofu, wheat-germ juice, green leafy vegetables, carrots, apple, alma etc.

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