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9 Oct 2015


Health is wealth , a healthy person can be hopeful of a better tomorrow because of his or her ability to be
active at different spheres of life in the actions performed day to day in earning an income or in the family, circular world, professional and even social life style.

To be healthy one needs to ensure that the food eaten each day contains the necessary nutrition for a strong and vibrant body.it is necessary for one to get enough calcium, fiber, magnesium, potassium, or vitamins A, C and E at recommended amounts which will help one maintain one's health and decrease the risk of chronic diseases
Forever Daily

Calcium is beneficial to bone health and can be sourced from dairy products such as fish with bones, dark and leafy greens.
Fiber protects against coronary heart disease and reduces the risk of diabetes.fiber can  be sourced from fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains.

Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function and develop and maintain bones and the nutrition can be got from nuts, seeds brain halibut and other fish

Potatoes, tomato paste and puree, white beans, yogurt, soybeans, bananas are courses of potassium which is important total the human health because it helps maintain healthy blood pressure  and reduce the risk of recurrent kidney stones and possibly decrease bone loss.

Vitamin A is a good food for vision, red blood cell production, embryonic development, and immune function we get this from organ meats; orange vegetables, green, leafy vegetables.

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Fruits and vegetables that includes citrus fruits, red and green peppers, kiwis, and iguanas are good sources of vitaminC for which each individual is expected to Havana intake of 75 milligrams per day.thankfully so far its ability to act as a disease fighting antioxidant which may help to maintain a healthy immune system.15milligrams of vitaminE is recommended per day to help act as a disease-fighting antioxidant which may support eye health.

Forever Daily is a revolutionary nutrient delivery system designed in combination with Forever living products proprietary aloe oligosaccharide (AOS) complex.
Forever Daily with AOS delivers a perfectly balanced blend of 55 nutrientsincluding essential vitamins and minerals, providing more efficient absorption and in the case of minerals targeting specific body systems.Additionally forever daily's comprehensive nutritional program delivers optimal amounts of important natural phytonutrients, bioflavonoids cutting-edge antioxidants with molecular technology and a proprietary blend of fruits and vegetables to ensure your body receives all the essential and semi -essential micro and macro core nutrients required for ideal  healthy

This article reflected a massive paradigm shift in the way the established medical community

viewed the benefits of supplements.  Previously the medical community looked pessimistically

at supplements – viewing them as unnecessary or even dangerous. A look at who is consuming

supplements now may surprise you.                                   

64% of Men

74% of Women

72% of Physicians

86% of Pharmacists

95% of Nurse Practitioners

96% of Dietician

The world is truly embracing the role the role of supplements and especially the use of a daily
.Forever Daily’s comprehensive nutritional program was designed so that the optimal amounts of important natural phytonutrients, bioflavonoids are delivered. In addition, cutting-edge antioxidants with molecular-technology, and the proprietary blend of fruits and vegetables, FVX20 are included. The end result is that your body receives all the essential and semi-essential micro and macro core nutrients required for healthy functions.Included in the formula is the FVX20, a unique blend of 20 specific fruits & vegetables. The inclusion of aloe vera makes Forever Daily™ an extremely efficient nutrient delivery system. Study shows that aloe vera improves absorption rate by 3 times!

                 9 REASONS TO USE FOREVER DAILY    

1.AOS Complex Forever’s proprietary AOS Complex provides consumers with the most advanced nutrient delivery system available.  This aloe-coated nutrient complex provides the nutrition needed in a unique and nourishing way.
Forever Daily
2.   55 Perfectly Balanced Nutrients     More is not always better.  Especially when we are consuming a product daily. Balance is the key not only in the overall formula but also within the specific blend of vitamins.  From Beta Carotene as our source of Vitamin A to most of the bio-available form of Zinc and every nutrient in between.  Forever Dailytm is synergistically formulated to provide you the truly balanced nutrition needed to support optimal health and vitality on a daily basis.
3.Chelated  MineralsBio-available minerals such as calcium zinc magnesium chromium iron copper and manganese that are designed to support and not compete with each other for maximum absorption.
4.  Micro-Encapsulated NutrientsIncreased bio-availability through micro or molecular encapsulation.  Forever DailyTM delivers important nutrients through a unique patented process of molecular encapsulation that that increases absorption through “micronizing” the particles.
5. AOS Complex Advanced Cellular Support BlendProvides cellular nutrition through a highly diverse blend of antioxidants that help reduce damage to the cell caused by oxidative stress.
6.  FVX20 BlendForever hand-picked 20 specific fruits and vegetables that are known for their beneficial nutrients.  This unique fruit and vegetable blend provides a wide spectrum of antioxidant support needed by our cells.
7.  Citrus Bioflavonoids Bioflavonoids have received a tremendous amount of attention in the last 10 years due to their amazing antioxidant properties.Forever DailyTM is packed with Bioflavonoids that are balanced with key vitamins at just the right levels.
8.  What is NOT in ForeverIt is also important to know what is NOT in ForeverDailyTM You will not find items such as artificial colours, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Hypromellose, Modified Food Starch, Polyethlene Glycol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Stannous Chloride, Sucrose, Talc, SoduimAluminosilicate and other un-natural ingredients which can be found in many popular Multivitamins.                       
9.  SynergisticForever DailyTM is designed to complement the Forever line of products and work synergistically with them.  Forever DailyTM can be and should be taken in conjunction with other Forever Living Products.

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