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24 Nov 2016


With the very busy lifestyle of today,coupled with on the go fast food eating trends,consumption of fresh green food have been completely neglected,despite the fact that green provide the most abundant source of Micro-nutrients and antioxidants needed for vital body functions..'chlorophyll is very important in our body,that's what Our wonderful 3G's (Field's Of Green )gives you...

Fields Of green

In addition ,our body's ability to synthesize natural anti-oxidants diminishes as we age,that is were the need for  supplementation come's in place...

 So my wonderful fields of green can be define as the combination of three most important green food in one container by forever living products

Barley Grass Powder

With it's plethora of green foods all in one pack,forever living products the world number one producer and distributor of Aloe Vera products.it's Fields of Green provides the best solution to convenience eating to supply optimal amount of micro-nutrients and antioxidants required for optimal body function.
Alfalfa grass
As you know from the definition of Fields of Green the ingredients are Wheat Grass Leaves,Alfalfa Leaves, barley grass leaves and Cayenne.All the first three contain vitamins A,D,E,K, full spectrum of B Vitamins,Selenium,Iron,Magnesium,Calcium,folic Acid,Potassium,17 Amino
acids(proteins)only the wheat grass contain the exceptional compound, Chlorophyll.
Wheat Grass powder

Large quantities of the detoxifying enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD)are found in both wheat and Barley grass,'That's why Alfalfa is called father of all foods'


Please note the efficacy of fields of Green in providing solutions to diverse health issues arise from the fact that the first three major ingredients contain an abundance of virtually the same micronutrients howbeit in different proportions there by providing a cumulative and more robust synergistic healing effect...

Hope by going through these little wright up you now understand the reasons to take Fields of Green...in my next edition i will give you the benefits of Fields of Green to our body.....
Natural and Organically is the best way for our healthy life,For any information on where and how to get my wonderful 3Gs (Fields Of Green) please kindly send me am email to :emmanuelonyebueke4874@gmail.com Or whatsapp +233262668275/ CALL +2347033317939 

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