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9 Jun 2016


Aloe vera,often called the miracle plant, the silent healer,the medicine plant that has benefited mankind for over 4000 years...

Forever Aloe Vera's

                                         The Truth Facts about my Aloe Vera (Barbadensis)

Aloe Vera  gel contains  at least 75 known ingredients, and maybe more which are yet to be discovered. These ingredients can be divided into groups .....
''You wonder what secret forces supported me during my long fasts? I discovered the benefits of Aloe Vera. Mohandas Gandhi 1869-1948.''
1 .Vitamins - It contains a wide range, but  the most important once i want you to note are the antioxidant vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A .it is also one of the very few plant in the world to contain B12.

2 .Mineral - These include magnesium,manganese,zinc,copper chromium (My Diabetes Antidote) calcium sodium potassium and iron.

3.Amino-Acids - the human body requires 20 amino acids , the building blocks of proteins  and Aloe Vera gel not juice provides 19 of them.most importantly it provides seven of the eight essential amino acids, that can not be manufactured by the body and which therefore have  to be consumed as food.

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4.Sugars - these includes the important long chain polysaccharides which act on the immune system to boost its effects.

5.Enzymes - lipases and proteases which break down food and aid digestion as well as a carboxypeptidase that is involve in the inflammantory process
''Four vegetables that are indispensible for the well- being
  of man are Aloe,wheat,Olive and Grape.
 by Christopher Columbus 1451-1506.''
 6.Plant Sterols - the three main types act as powerful anti- inflammatory agents.

7.Saponins - these are soapy substances that exert a powerful anti-microbial effect against bacteria,viruses,fungi and yeasts such as candida or thrush.

8.Lignin - this woody substance bestows on Aloe Vera its penetrative ability to reach deep into the skin.that is why my ladies customers love it aloe cream,aloe make-ups,sonya skin car etc.

9.Anthraquinones - the most important ones being aloin and emodin but altogether they are strong painkillers and are acknowledged to possess anti-bacterial and virucidal activity.in their pure form,they are very powerful laxatives .

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10.Salycylic - Acids this aspirin- like compound is anti- inflammatory when taken orally or use topically it helps to break down dead tissue.

   Which type of aloe are you using.See the different here.(IASC)

Facts.according to  International Aloe Science Council (IASC) terms Juice and gel.Any Aloe Vera product that contain 15% of Aloe is call aloe juice but any aloe product that contain at least 85% certified to be called aloe gel.so which one are you taken juice or gel

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