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12 Mar 2015

Breast Cancer Alert How safe is your Antiperspirant

Breast Cancer and it vital information ,i can say  literally of life and death.many have been asking me the causes of breast cancer and i always gave them one answer which their should mindful of the type deodorant their are using,today you also can hear it from horses mouth my mentor ..Please make  sure to read it and send it to those who appreciate it to spread the News....

   Just Listen Carefully  
Breast Cancer

We spend the night with clean and underarm deodorant, to be a free breathing time the armpit.
Some time ago, I went to a seminar on Breast Cancer, led by Terry Birk with support from Dan Sullivan.
During the discussion, asked why the most common reason for developing breast cancer tumors is near the armpit.
My question could not be answered at that time.
This information was sent to me recently, and I’m glad it has been answered.
I informed a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy and she said that I had the same  information which she obtained in a support group  …
     Now I want to share this  information with you.
The main cause of Breast Cancer is the use of anti-perspirant!
Most products on the market are a combination of anti-Perspirant/deodorants.
Look at the labels!
The concentration of toxins causes cell mutation: CANCER. Here are reasons
The human body is just a few areas where it can eliminate toxins: behind the knees, behind the ears and armpits.
Toxins are eliminated through perspiration.
The anti-perspirant, as the name says, prevents you from perspiring, thereby inhibiting the body to eliminate toxins through the armpits.
These toxins do not magically disappear.
As not come with sweat, the organism that deposited in the lymph glands found under the arms.
Most breast cancers occur in the upper outside quadrant of the breast area.
Precisely where are the glands in men seems to occur to a lesser extent, but are not exempt from Breast Cancer develop because of the anti-perspirant used instead of soap and water.
The difference lies in the fact that when men use anti-perspirant, not applied directly to the skin, they do so in large part on the hair of the armpits.
Women who apply antiperspirant or aftershave shaving the underarms, increase the risk due to tiny injuries and skin irritations which make harmful chemical components to penetrate more quickly into the body,


      Breast Cancer is becoming frighteningly common and this warning may save some lives.
       If somehow doubt this information, they can make their own investigations
      They will  probably come to the same conclusion.please let"s join hands and minimize the spread of          breast cancer always use DEODORANT NOT ANTI-PERSPIRANT......The best Deodorant i can recommend  is ALOE EVER SHIELD DEODORANT the one on the down here.......Read more.

Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant
   Why Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant.

Scientists at Reading University have published research that points to the link the use of antiperspirants ( containing aluminium) and the rising rates of breast cancer. There is safe alternative look no further than Aloe ever shield Deodorant.

The number of cases of breast cancer is rising in many countries and it is the leading causes of death for women aged 35-50 years .In Britain for example, cases of breast cancer have doubled from about 20,000 a year to in the life 70's to almost 40, 000 a year .Here in Africa as well, we are witnessing an increase in the number of cases of breast cancer.the theory behind this link is that the majority of antiperspirants contain chemicals such as zirconium and aluminium that are taken up through the hair shaft pores in the skin where they react with water and swell.

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In recent laboratory teste aluminium and zirconium have been found to enter the cells and cause mutations in DNA that could lead to cancerous growth and may also disrupt hormone levels.

        What is the Alternative?.        
cancer news

Most leading brands today contain aluminium and zirconium base compounds, it is very hard to find a product without them .At Forever living products their are proud to be able to offer a safe, but effective product that has eliminated these dangers by not using aluminium and zirconium in it's state -of-the-art formulation.

    Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant Stick.

It's a very gentle formula containing stabilizedl aloe Vera gel that provides effective, all day protection against

under arm odour and can be applied directly after's gentle formulation and soothing aloe Vera

means it can also be applied directly after shaving or underarm waxing without stinging.

Aloe Ever shield Deodorant stick can also be used under arms during chemotherapy and radiotherapy

 treatment where as most consultants will categorically tell their patients not to use chemical based

antiperspirants during their treatment.

We don't always have the choice against many environmental issues that damage our health, but by using

Aloe Ever-shield Deodorant stick it protects naturally without adding ingredients that could jeopardize your

health in the process.

How to Order my Ever shield Deodorant and other products for correction and prevention Breast cancer  , just text I want  Ever shield Deodorant to these whatapps +233233668275

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