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2 Feb 2015

Factors Working Against Our Health Today


According to W.H.O , Health is is a state of complete , physical, mental and social well-being not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity.

Factors Working Against Our Health

From the definition above we can see that all of us are at risk, because merely the fat that we're not on the hospital bed doesn't make us healthy

Total wellness therefore embodies a positive range of health beyond absence of illness.

   1, Your energy level.

  2 , Your vitality.

  3, Your stamina.

  4, Your alertness and clarity of mind.

  5, Positive emotions.

  6, Being of high level of productivity and creativity

  7, Ageing slowing and living long.

Note number 7 says that we should age slowly and living long, but due to our life style we're rather ageing fast and living shorter.

                              Factors working against our health today.

1, Unwholesome deit

2, Unwholesome life style.

3, Unwholesome mental attitude.

4, Strees :stress has been link to many diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, candidiasis etc.

5, Pollution ( air, water, food )

6, Wholesome agricultural methods.

7, Wholesome food storage, cooking and processing methods.

An illustration mineral loss caused by food processing.


        WHITE FLOUR                               SUGAR (REFINING)                         RICE(POLISHING)

 1,chromium    98%                                   95%                                                   92%

 2, zinc             78%                                    88%                                                  54%

3, manganese  86%                                    89%                                                 775%

So my question is what are getting from our food?

  7 routes  to total wellness in our day and age therefore you would play safe to take nutritional supplements.

■ they are based on the understanding of the roles of the seven health sustaining system of our body.

 ■ the efficient and harmonious working of these systems will make for TOTAL WELLNESS.

                                       THE SEVEN ROUTES

1  Strengthen the immune system.

2,  Decrease toxicity.

3,  Normalize inflammatory function.

4,  Optimize metabolic function.

5,  Balance your regulatory system.

6,  Enhance regeneration.

7,  Live in harmony with your life force.

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