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15 Dec 2014


Health Concept
Health is body's ability to adapt continually to changing internal and external environment.the human body is in a dynamic state, .there is constant breacking down and building of tissues at all times in all areas of the body(catabolism& anabolism).almost every cell in the body is replaced regularly and silently as we continue with our day to day activities.the body's expected to handle all these processes and other challenges as they come, when the body fails to perform such role adequately it is called I'll-health.when the control systems are not well nourished or serviced with appropriate diet as it were there will be defensive failure.
 The world health organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not just an absence of disease or infirmity.from who definition permit me to ask you are u healthy.what is your level of your energy, vitality, stamina, alertness & clarity of mind, productivity/creativity etc.
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 HEALING:is just a process of recovering from disease or setback.healing takes the same processes as growing,healing process is a natural phenomenon, it involves regeneration and replacement of cells.the detail is still far beyond our understanding and is one area that has completely humbled medical science.for instance no surgeon will ever cut through a human flesh if he or she is not sure of the healing potential of the patient.doctors are agree that drugs does not heal , neither doctors but healing is natural process.
 The physical natural of human flesh in the mechanical environment of the earth is what makes the healing programme inevitable, no flesh can surviveon this physical earth without healing potential.The human body is an epitome of perfection.the design and organization is an extremely complex architecture masterpiece.the body is equipped with auto -regulatory and auto-repair mechanisms that makes it possible forth body heal themselves silently when there is damage during our day to day activities.this is what healing is all about, its just a growing process that's why bible refers to healing as children's bread (Mathew 15:26).there are various control systems and each is made up of group of specialized cells which task is to control, protect, and regulate body activities,

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One of the protective mechanisms for instance is called immuen system which function is to defend the body by recognizing foreign and harmful substances and deploying it attacking forces against such.the overall aim is to protect and defend the body.One of the factors responsible for our ill-health is failure of the control and repair mechanisms as a result of nutritional deficiency.I hop by now you have gain something from health and our body healing.I will do my best to give you all you need to know and do for you to have a natural healthy living....

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